34th WISTA International AGM & Conference in Limassol, Cyprus 08-10 Oct. 2014


International WISTA AGM & Conference 2014 to Take Place in Limassol

WISTA International will hold its 2014 conference in Limassol with the participation of 300 of the most influential women in shipping and trading.

Cyprus was chosen because it is one of the fastest growing National WISTA Associations with 57 members of 19 different nationalities.

The conference, with the theme “Shipping Connects”, will focus on the many ways through which the shipping industry connects people, nations, genders, past and future. The island of Cyprus is a strategic location connecting East and West, North and South, where women of the Shipping and Trading industry worldwide will meet to discuss the latest developments and to network with their peers.

During the conference WISTA Cyprus and CYMEPA will begin their collaboration regarding the AKAMAS Marine Environment Interpretation Centre. The delegates will be able to purchase the book "Discovering Cyprus - Beach Guide for the district of Limassol” by Andreas Papadopoulos, the profits of which will go towards this project.

Situated in the north-west region of Paphos, on the island of Cyprus, the Akamas is a vast expanse of wilderness, with remarkably diverse features in wildlife, vegetation, geology, beautiful landscapes and coasts and a rich historical and cultural heritage; said to be the place chosen by Aphrodite as a meeting place with her lover Adonis.

The Akamas peninsula has been declared a National Park. It protects some of the most important habitats for several species of fauna and flora unique to the Mediterranean, including 33 endemic flowers.The bay of Lara is the last remaining breeding ground of the green turtles in the Mediterranean. The Monk seal, marine turtles, pen shell and many others that inhabit the area, are listed as species of particular ecological and conservation interest in the Mediterranean.


The 2012 meeting took  place in Paris with 285 members from 35 countries gathering to discuss ”The new challlenges for the Shipping Industry:the  era of innovations and modernity”.

Earlier this year WISTA Cyprus organised the WISTAMED Conference with delegates from Greece, France, Italy, Spaın, Turkey and the Netherlands joining the Cypriot shipping community to discuss why the island is  an ideal base for shipping companies.

WISTA is an international organisation for women in management positions involved in shipping trading and related professional services worldwide . ıt currently accounts for  over 1600 individual members in 34 National WISTA Association(NWAs).

WISTA Cyprus was established in October 2011. Its  members come from various maritime sectors such as shipowning and ship managing companies, trading, insurance, oil & gas, consulting, legal and auditing services  The ambassadors of the Slovak Republic  and Germany are among its members.


You can view the agenda and other relevant info here.

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