Marine and Maritime Institute appoints Shell Professor

New collaboration improves ship efficiency
The University of Southampton has appointed ship science expert Dr Dominic Hudson as the Shell Professor of Ship Safety and Efficiency, a position funded by a significant philanthropic gift made to the University this year.

Professor Hudson’s research will focus on improving the safety and efficiency of shipping operations. Funded by Shell Shipping & Maritime, this position builds on a technology partnership between Shell and the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute at the University of Southampton that started last year. The funding of the Shell Professorship is one of the first philanthropically-funded professorships at Southampton and the collaboration illustrates the exciting impact of industry investment in the University’s research excellence.

“There is a lot of opportunity to improve in the area of ship safety and efficiency performance. Having a leading shipping company such as Shell support us and provide real shipping data can help unlock important breakthroughs,” said Professor Hudson. “This in addition to the new ship science facilities at our Boldrewood Campus, makes it a very exciting time to be involved in ship science at Southampton.”

Dr Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President Shell Shipping & Maritime, said:

“With Professor Hudson’s appointment, I am looking forward to strengthening our partnership with the University of Southampton in the area of shipping and maritime safety and efficiency, using new technology and data analysis. Partnering with leading universities and supporting world-class academic research will drive new improvements for Shell’s operations, and also open opportunities across the shipping industry.”


“With about 95% of goods coming into the UK by sea, improvements to make ships more efficient can significantly impact trade here and globally,” said Professor Ajit Shenoi, Director of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute. “Importantly, that includes helping governments and shipping companies find ways to improve safety and ‘greening’ of ships.”

Source: University of Southampton

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