Featured Cyprus based maritime Companies: Columbia Shipmanagement


CSMColumbia Shipmanagement was established in 1978, providing ship and crew management through tailor-made services that have added value, provided solutions and delivered highly competitive advantages to our clients. Shipmanagement offices are located in Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Singapore and China, managing a fleet of approximately 380 vessels. In the highly competitive passenger vessel industry.

Columbia Shipmanagement has maintained a global presence since 1985, providing premium Cruise and Hotel Services by dedicated teams from Hamburg and Limassol while the teams are further supported by all other Columbia Management offices. Additionally, the Ship Management offices are supported by 13 Columbia Shipmanagement-owned crewing agencies located in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Columbia Shipmanagement focuses on building trustworthy and strong relationships with clients and providing quality, safe and cost effective services. These include technical, crew and commercial management, new building supervision, consulting and cruise vessel services.



Technical Management

Through its comprehensive shore-based management network, Columbia Shipmanagement provides full technical support to its managed fleet.

Our procurement specialists ensure economies of scale and volume-based contracting to ultimately deliver quality and competitive services to our Clients.

Furthermore, we offer practical advice on wider technical and engineering matters, including research into and the application of latest technologies and industry regulations.


Crew Management & Training

Columbia Shipmanagement employs over 14,500 staff on land and sea across the world, operating first-hand our diverse fleet of commercial and passenger vessels.

We understand the vital role of seafarers in safe and successful ship operations. Columbia Shipmanagement is committed to growing and developing a pool of highly qualified seafarers.

Each year, Columbia Shipmanagement invests significantly in the ongoing training of crew, optimizing their professionalism, competence and single-minded focus on safety and efficiency.


Commercial Services

Our operations team has considerable experience in the efficient, safe and profitable management of all kinds of tonnage, working closely together with ship commands, charterers, brokers, port agents and bunker suppliers to ensure proficiency across the board.

We are acutely aware of all the commercial considerations within a highly competitive industry and we meet these requirements head-on with a range of services offered in the best interests of our clients:

•    Chartering
•    Voyage Estimation
•    Post Fixture
•    Voyage Accounting
•    Payments
•    Agency
•    Bunkering


New Building Supervision

Columbia Shipmanagement offers its clients a complete new building solution, from design, contract negotiation and planning, right through to supervision and delivery. Columbia Shipmanagement has supervised the building of a significant number of vessels of all types in leading shipyards across the world.

Our clients benefit from Columbia Shipmanagement’s excellent knowledge of technical, commercial and environmental considerations, as well as national and international shipping standards.


Cruise Services

Out of our Hamburg and Limassol offices, Columbia Shipmanagement offers comprehensive cruise vessel management which includes the following:

•    Hotel Management

•    Technical Management

•    Crew Management

•    Operations Management


Address: Columbia House,  21, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, 4042 Limassol
Tel: (+357) 25843100
Fax: (+357) 25310086
e-mail: marketing@csmcy.com
Website: www.columbia-shipmanagement.com

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