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FURUNO, an international Marine Electronics company, was established in Japan in 1938 on the simplest of philosophies; to identify unanticipated challenges within the maritime industry and deliver quality solutions to assist its clients to surpass those challenges.

In 1948 FURUNO commercialized the world’s first practical Fish Finder and has since then continued to strive for innovative excellence and quality manufacturing for its  entire product portfolio which include Marine Radars,  Navigational GPS, Navigational Echo Sounder, Entire GMDSS Product Range, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), Fleet Broadband & VSAT Communication Systems, Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and other marine electronic devices.

Today, FURUNO remains the global leader in the Marine Electronics market which has been achieved through the integration of its knowledge, skills and know-how gathered through ongoing research and business activities. FURUNO’s position in the maritime market is further enhanced by its ability to adapt to the changing needs of its clients whilst always staying true to its vision and goals.

Global Presence

FURUNO has managed to establish a massive international presence through its investment in 17 subsidiaries and local partnerships worldwide. FURUNO is the only marine electronics manufacturer with such an extensive investment in its own subsidiaries globally. These subsidiaries are accompanied by an impressive 83 national distributors enabling FURUNO to have a true international presence, and ensuring its customers enjoy a quality service right where they need it.

Through its loyalty and commitment to national distributors FURUNO has also proven that its business relations go beyond the strict boundaries of commercial agreements. It is FURUNO’s philosophy to share knowledge with local partners so that they then become better equipped to serve the needs of their customers within that particular maritime community.

FURUNO recognizes that local personnel inevitably know the idiosyncrasies of their own market which is why we follow this approach of localising knowledge. In this way FURUNO has managed to develop a very strong and competent worldwide network that can serve every customer anywhere in the world.

Setting Itself Apart From Global Competitors

Originating from the ethos of Japanese culture, FURUNO’s lead in terms of market share within the Marine Electronics market can be attributed to its three core management principles which are deeply engrained in every aspect of its business.  These are:

  • Its commitment to serving its customers well though its willingness to adapt to a changing market;
  • Ensuring that its management always remains creative in all facets of business;
  • That employee happiness and company growth are intrinsically linked.

These principles have been shared and passed to local partners creating a dynamic synergy.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a very attractive jurisdiction in terms of maritime legislation and ship registry.  It is home to the 10th largest fleet globally and is the second largest ship management centre in the world. This is further enhanced by its favourable tax system applicable not only to Cyprus flag ship owners but also to owners of other flag ships, ship managers and charterers.  This makes the island a very strong competitive contender within the maritime sector. With the local presence of some of the world leading names in the shipping industry in Cyprus, FURUNO quickly realised the importance of the Cypriot maritime community, hence the opening of FURUNO Cyprus Ltd some 2 years back.

Cyprus FURUNO team


Market Sectors

The company’s primary market is Merchant Marine to whom it supplies a wide range of Deepsea navigational and communication products.  This is followed by the leisure fishing sector and at a lesser point the professional fishing sector and recreational boaters.

In the Merchant Marine market, being that FURUNO is the leading manufacturer of marine electronics internationally, a vast majority of vessels across the globe have FURUNO products installed. This fact consequently leads to an increased demand for retrofit projects and service/spare parts supply which is the main activity of the company’s business.

For the leisure fishing sector it is an unquestionable fact that FURUNO has the best Fish Finder in the market with unique features like Bottom Discrimination and Accufish that immediately sets FURUNO apart as the market leader.  FURUNO Cyprus’ target is to create a community here that amateur fisherman can rely on for support and sharing of experiences.

The Cyprus Team

FURUNO Cyprus’ team is composed of industry professionals who through their passion for marine technologies have become renowned not only for their expertise and know-how on FURUNO products but also for the skilled manner in which they are able to provide FURUNO certified services.

These personnel are well-trained and certified to international standards and have the necessary practical experience to deliver top quality support to FURUNO customers.

FURUNO Cyprus Going Forward

The company’s vision is two-fold. In Cyprus, it targets to further enhance its establishment as a strategic partner, with mutually beneficial associations, with Cyprus based shipping companies.  At the same time, taking into account Cyprus’ strategic position geographically, the company has the capabilities to undertake any mandate handed by FURUNO ELECTRIC COMPANY (FEC HQ) relevant to service this region in any way possible.

Charalambos Moyseos
General Manager
FURUNO (Cyprus) Ltd
82, Nicou Pattichi Street, "Maritania Court"
3070 Limassol,

Phone: +357 25 734466
Fax: +357 25 734460
Mob: +357 97 855855
Email: info@furuno.com.cy

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