YoungShip Cyprus



YoungShip Cyprus was founded in 2012 as a branch of YoungShip International (Norway 2004) which is a nonprofit organization in 17 cities around the world in countries such as Norway, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, United Emirates, Kenya and the United Kingdom.

Young people up to the age of 40 who work in the wider field of shipping and maritime offshore industry have the opportunity to participate as members or as administration of the association.

The aims of the association are:
• To build a strong network, promote dialogue and cooperation between its members and the wider maritime community, government agencies and organizations dealing with maritime issues in Cyprus and abroad.
• To encourage members to develop and implement actions, initiatives, exchange of information and experiences in order to promote and develop the shipping industry in Cyprus and to develop as young professionals in the global maritime community.
• To provide continuous education and training to its members in the field of shipping and maritime industry as well as to develop the interest of the younger generation for environmental developments, innovation and entrepreneurship.

From 2012 until today YoungShip Cyprus has conducted many social events and has presented a series of free seminars covering a variety of topics, including current and future trends in shipping as well as career advice and soft skill development.

However, as a non-profit organization that operates on a voluntary basis by and for young workers, YounShip Cyprus is highly dependent on the support of relevant ministries, organizations and companies. You can contribute to YoungShip Cyprus in many ways: As a sponsor or seminar speaker, by hosting or administering a social event or by covering the membership fees of employees of your company.
For more information contact us at or call +357 99 433064, +357 99 583881, +357 99 536437

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