Featured Cyprus based maritime Companies: Brasal Marine Services (CY) Ltd

Brasal Marine Services (CY) Ltd was established in 1985, as a respected specialist marine contractor, salvor, and provider of marine engineering services.

The Company’s experience, adherence to regulatory guidelines and commitment to excellence guarantees high standard provision for its Consulting, Contracting, Maintenance and Supply Services, with a particular expertise in both on-shore and off-shore Salvage Operations.  To-date the Company’s numerous projects overseas and locally – which include anchor handling, construction, maintenance and inspection of moorings and pipe lines to name a few – have successfully fulfilled our client’s expectations.brasal 1

Marine Services

  • Salvage And Towing
  • Fibre Optic Cable Landings
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Water Delivery To Ships
  • Vessel Assistance
  • Towing, Rope And Anchor Handling
  • Ship To Ship Services
  • Steel Works And Fabricating
  • Grit Blasting And Painting
  • Crane Support
  • Oil And Pollution Handling
  • Heavy And Speciality Transport By Road
  • Storage Area Near Limassol Port

brasal 2Commercial Diving Services ( Civil And Offshore)

  • Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Metal Thickness Testing
  • M.P.I Inspections
  • Classification Surveys
  • Photography and Video
  • O.V Operations
  • Wet Welding and Cutting
  • Corrosion Protection Works
  • Dredging and Trenching
  • B.M Works
  • Hull Cleaning and Repairs
  • Fish Farm Installation and Services
  • Mooring Systems and Conventional Buoys
  • Construction of Jetties and Harbour Structures
  • Pipeline Installation and Services (Internal and External)

brasal 3

Contact info:brasal 4

Marine and Underwater Works
24/7 EMERGENCY TELEPHONE: + 357 99 656834
OFFICE TEL: +357 25 573086, FAX : + 357 25 573915
Email : brasal@brasalmarine.com
P.O.BOX: 55595


One thought on “Featured Cyprus based maritime Companies: Brasal Marine Services (CY) Ltd

  1. Good day
    I’m commercial diver( 50 m air diver) and I took this courses in south Africa .
    I am looking for job in your company , have I any chance or no?
    Thanks for your help


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