20 ways the shipping container took over the world (infographic)


Many thanks to containerhomeplans.org (especially Claire) for providing the following excellent infographic originally posted  here: http://www.containerhomeplans.org/2015/04/20-ways-the-shipping-container-took-over-the-world-infographic/

We often forget about the actual shipping container when we see some of the incredible homes, which have been made using them in the 21st century.

Today we want to pay tribute to the humble shipping container, which has revolutionized the world since 1956. For instance, did you know that last year over 90% of everything you purchased was shipping in a container?

We have decided to plot the shipping container’s ascent to greatest.

Here’s 20 Ways The Shipping Container Took Over The World (Please click the image to view it full size):


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