‘Spot The Hazard’ competition launced by ICS and The Standard Club



ICS has been collaborating with The Standard P&I Club in order to establish a ‘Spot the Hazard’ competition open to all seafarers serving worldwide.  The competition was launched on 13 May 2015 and it is open to all seafarers (officers and ratings) serving worldwide

Details can be found at www.hazard-competition.com 

5 X US$ 2,000 prizes

The intention of ICS in conducting this competition is to encourage all seafarers to effectively recognise safety hazards and to promote the importance of accident prevention.  The campaign is thus in alignment with ICS’s broader aim of promoting an effective safety culture throughout the shipping industry, and should also help to raise the profile of ICS amongst seafarers worldwide.

The ICS Secretary General has prepared the below letter to member shipping companies of national associations, which explains the campaign and encourages them to raise awareness of the competition amongst their seafarer employees.

ics letter
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