Transas Signs Simulators Agreement With Carnival Corporation


Transas simulatorTransasTransas and the Center for Simulator and Maritime Training (CSMART) -- the world-class training facility for Carnival Corporation & plc, the world's largest travel and leisure company with nine global brands and a fleet of 101 cruise ships -- signed a multi-million euro contract to utilize Transas' state-of-the-art simulators at CSMART's new facility, scheduled to open in summer 2016 in Almere, just outside Amsterdam.

Carnival Corporation has operated its current CSMART training facility in Almere since 2009. The new CSMART facility will be much larger, with capacity for providing annual training for 6,500 deck and engineering officers. The CSMART facility will be the largest in terms of training capacity and will utilize the most advanced and innovative technology solutions available in the maritime industryThe CSMART facility will house navigational and engine room simulators in various configurations from classroom stations up to part-task and full mission solutions, interlinked to provide training and assessment for the entire crew. The new simulation complex will be three times larger than the existing facility.Transas' innovations for the CSMART project are likely to revolutionize the maritime simulation industry. Among them is the use of Nvidia grid computers, which will save 70 percent of power consumption and will greatly enhance the management of the system and its redundancy.Transas sim sign

An IP-based matrix switching system will contribute to the most flexible information exchange ever. It will be possible to access any task on any screen within the simulator. CCTV camera technology used at the ESA Space Centre will provide professional broadcast, AV control, recording and archiving system with full synchronization of all workstations, cameras, audio and more. This was the essential requirement for the Carnival Corporation and CSMART team, as it will optimize the level of the training experience.Within this project, Transas will develop 12 cruise ship models and deliver 60 sailing areas specific for Carnival vessels’ operations and three new cruise ship engine models with different propulsion systems, including virtual replica of ship automation systems.

"At Carnival Corporation, our number one priority is the safety and comfort of the nearly 11 million guests who sail with us every year," said Captain Hans Hederstrom, managing director of CSMART. "For us, providing the world's best training to our deck and engineering officers is essential in helping us meet that priority. For that reason, we recruit the best and most passionate instructors in the maritime industry -- and we have formed important partnerships with companies such as Transas, one of the world's most respected leaders in providing innovative and reliable software and hardware technology solutions for our industry and others. The solutions from Transas provide our instructors with truly state-of-the-art technology -- and that gives them the ability to provide the best possible training experience to the thousands of deck and engineering officers who go through our intensive curriculum. We appreciate the commitment to excellence to training that Transas shares with all of us at Carnival Corporation."Ralf Lehnert, Transas simulation business division director, said during the contract signing ceremony, “We at Transas are honored to be selected for such an outstanding project as CSMART. Our team provided an amazing job to put together smart and innovative solutions to answer the challenging demands of Carnival cruises and to convince them to award us what I called an ‘earthquake deal’ in our industry, since this is the largest available project in maritime simulation as of today. Two world-class companies are coming together, and our partnership will set the new standard in the training for the cruise industry and beyond.”



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