Infographic: Blue Growth

Blue Growth is the European Commission’s initiative to further harness the potential of Europe’s oceans, seas and coasts for Jobs, Value and Sustainability.Blue growth 1Blue growth 2Blue growth 3


2 thoughts on “Infographic: Blue Growth

  1. It is interesting that the EU has worked up to having considerable maritime resources.
    The question remains how do they intended to improve,develope and maintain?


  2. The EU Blue Growth could indeed through time be successful in Europe. The problem lies with the Med where one finds a mix of EU MSs, European candidate states and other non EU states along the North African littoral and the Middle East. It is time that the EU supports the idea for the establishment of a Blue Growth and green economy centre in the Mediterranean that caters for the exigencies of these nations and that extends its initiatives through cooperation and coordination up to the Middle East and UAR. We just need to bring people together.


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