Longrunner - Vigilant Class Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel


Longrunner_Unmanned_ASV_Nano_Carbon_HullThe LONGRUNNER a Vigilant IUSV is a proven USV and has been built and tested with over 2,000 nautical miles operating at sea.

The Vigilant IUSV is a state of the art multi-mission unmanned vessel. Built from advanced nanotechnology enhanced material the IUSV achieves unparalleled range and payload.

It is the only USV in the world that features the Seakeeper™ system stabilization onboard resulting in exceptional seakeeping that optimizes system performances, especially at loiter speeds. These technologies enable the IUSV to remain effective at sea for long periods of time making it a real force multiplier.

The Vigilant IUSV is designed to operate independently of a mother craft. Its size and enhanced seakeeping qualities enable shore to shore operations. Even in rough seas, one can expect the IUSV to remain operational, lthus allowing naval vessels to focus on their missions instead of worrying about the safety and security of the USV. Command and control is achieved via satellite communications systems, thus enabling the IUSV to operate anywhere in the world.

The IUSV and Shomari vessels are built from Arovex prepreg material developed by ZyvexTech Inc of the USA. These are currently the only vessels in the world built using these advanced materials. The technology behind the Arovex prepreg is based on carbon nanotubes infused into the resin that binds carbon fibre. When properly integrated into composites, carbon nanotubes increase strength, stiffness, and toughness.

Although incredibly strong, carbon nanomaterials (CNT) can't simply be mixed into carbon fiber systems in order to improve their properties. Nanomaterials have an inherent affinity for themselves and tend to agglomerate without effective dispersing agents being introduced in the system.

The Vigilant Class Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel LONGRUNNER has already completed over 24 months of in-water testing in Singapore waters and traveled a total of 2000 nautical miles. During this period, the vessel also participated in several Fleet Battle Experiments and demonstrated continuous unmanned operations exceeding 48 hours and traveled 100 nautical miles into the South China Sea. The LONGRUNNER was remotely commanded and controlled from Zycraft’s headquarters ashore using satellite communications.

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