Greek shipping company committing to early compliance with ship recycling regulations


minervaMinerva Marine Inc. has chosen Hellenic Lloyd’s S.A. (Lloyds Register Greek office) to work together in the IHM certification (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) project for a fleet of 37 ships.

Operating a young fleet ranging from MRs to VLCCs in the tanker segment and Cape size in the bulker segment, Minerva Marine Inc. is committed in achieving the best possible operational result, whilst steadily maintaining the position of an ‘early adopter’ of forthcoming legislation.

Within this cadre of operational excellence, the decision to embark on an IHM certification programme for a number of 37 ships has been a strategic one. The Martinos family-owned shipping company has foreseen the impact of the ship recycling regulations on the existing tonnage and made the leading step in being among the first shipping companies in the Greek market to pursue certification of the Inventories of Hazardous Materials (IHM) onboard a wide range of capacity of tankers and bulk carriers.

The contract relates to the office based review and approval of the IHMs to verify they meet the requirements of the ‘Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009, Regulation 5.2 for Existing Ships’. A Statement of Compliance shall be issued for each ship participating in the IHM approval scheme and shall remain onboard at all times along with the Inventory, which will be available in the unique Lloyd’s Register electronic template; in a dynamic pdf format that facilitates easy reference, update and maintenance. The IHM project will remain active through onboard audits that will verify that the situation with installed hazardous materials has not changed or been compromised since the initial review, survey and the assignment of the relevant Descriptive Notation.

Mr Stavros Daniolos/Technical Manager and Ms Maria Sotiriou/Senior Environmental Engineer commented ‘Our decision to choose a profound Organisation like Lloyd’s Register, with proven expertise in ship recycling standards, is fully aligned with the company’s objective to consistently achieving high levels of environmental excellence. This way we are always at the forefront and ready to meet the needs of our customers, dictating continuous improvement and adoption of new sound practices’.

Anastasia Kouvertari/Senior Environmental Business Development Specialist highlighted the importance of this cooperation by saying ‘Hellenic Lloyd’s is proud to work with Minerva Marine as partners in this project. Applying the principles of review and IHM certification in such a large scale fleet will significantly facilitate the company in gaining insight in the identification and management of hazardous materials; progressing their vision of greening the life cycle of their assets’.


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