North P&I Club targets fishing vessels in its latest safety poster campaign


North P&I Club has launched a new safety poster campaign to help reduce the unnecessarily high number of personal injury accidents on fishing vessels.

According to loss prevention executive Alvin Forster, 'North has provided liability insurance cover to fishing vessel owners in the USA for many years. Following our recent merger with Sunderland Marine, the loss prevention department's involvement in the fishing industry has increased, particularly with regard to crew safety.'

In common with North's other poster series, the new 'Safe Home' posters compare and contrast good and bad practice on board fishing vessels using coloured illustrations.

Forster says, 'Following a review of crew claims in the fishing sector, we identified a number of common issues that have caused, or contributed to, incidents and injuries. Heavy seas, a fast-paced working environment and compact working areas can present various hazards when working on or below deck on fishing vessels.'

'The key message of the posters is safe working in a safe working environment, with particular focus on the importance of keeping the vessel tidy, keeping working areas and walkways clear and always being prepared for heavy weather. We advise crew members to 'keep one hand for yourself and one for the boat' as well as to wear the correct personal protective equipment for the job and conditions.'

The first three posters in the series are entitled:

  1. Safety...All at Sea?, which reviews the general hazards of working on deck;
  2. No Messin' When Processin', which covers the specific hazards encountered below deck in processing areas; and
  3. Keep Trawlin' - Not Fallin', which looks at typical slip, trip and fall hazards on a fishing vessel

The posters are freely available to download and print from the Club's website at

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