MOL to launch biannual vessel safety campaigns


MOL announced the launch of its biannual vessel safety campaign on October 1, targeting all MOL-operated vessels. The current campaign centers on prevention of onboard fires.


MOL positions safe operation as a social commitment and the highest priority in all of its business activities, as the company forges ahead to become the world leader in safe operation.

As part of these efforts, President & CEO Ikeda, executives, and other personnel will conduct an extensive series of visits to MOL-operated vessels in Japan and overseas.

During the visits, they will meet with on-board employees who are responsible for front-line safety and exchange information and opinions about ways to prevent safety-related incidents.

Proposals and ideas gained through this campaign, which is held twice a year with a different theme, will be shared throughout the MOL Group and among group-operated vessels, to further enhance the group's safe-operation structure.

Outline of Campaign

Campaign period: Thursday, October 1 to Saturday, October 31, 2015

The campaign will continue until the end of this fiscal year, but the month of October will be the most intensive period for vessel visits and other campaign activities.

Main theme: Prevention of Onboard Fires

  • Continued from the previous campaign, discussions will focus behaviors required for prevention of onboard fires based on the recognition that this is an important issue that demands ongoing attention.
  • The campaign will also build awareness of the need for "safe behavior" by thinking and talking about case studies of previous incidents resulting from unsafe human behavior. The campaign also aims to promote the practical Behavior Based Safety (BBS) method, which establishes safety through increasing "safe behavior" and reducing "unsafe behavior" by interacting with subconscious factors in human behavior.
  • Based on those approaches, the campaign will pursue the goal of developing a stronger safety culture in which all MOL Group employees at sea and on land work as one - a corporate culture based on shared values that place safe operation as the highest priority.

Target vessels

  • MOL-operated vessels (dry bulkers, tankers, LNG carriers, car carriers, containerships) and MOL Group company-operated vessels (ferries, cruise ships, etc.)

Source: MOL

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