USCG – Ballast Water Management explained

The US Coast Guard posted a six-part series of articles regarding its regulations and policies with respect to ballast water management (BWM).

  1. The first part is an introduction to BWM.
  2. The second part discusses the 2012 ballast water regulations.
  3. The third part compares the US requirements to the IMO BWM Convention.
  4. The fourth part explains the difference between living and viable for BWM purposes.
  5. The fifth part explains the BWM system, type-approval process.
  6. The sixth part discusses the type-approval challenges for the Maritime industry.

Note: These documents provide an excellent overview of the BWM process from the Coast Guard’s perspective.






3 thoughts on “USCG – Ballast Water Management explained

  1. Hi dear all
    Please is it possible to have this document. I am interested by the BMW convention for my knowledge in maritime issues.
    Student in maritime law.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear André,
    You can click on the 6 links provided in the article above and each document will be downloaded on your computer.
    Best regards,
    Maritime Cyprus forum


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