Anti-Piracy update: Updated chart for HRA available to download


UKHO has published its 5th version of the Q6099 chart which includes the reduction in the size of the ‘High Risk’ area as agreed by the countries involved in the setting of limits. The changing of these limits reflects the effectiveness of ‘Anti-Piracy’ measures put in place over the years, and use of the information disseminated by the previous versions of the chart.

Q6099 (s)
New Version of the HRA as of 01 Dec. 2015 (Click to download)

Q6099 chart is one of a series of new Maritime Security Charts that contains security related information to mariners for the geographical area of this chart. It also includes the details of reporting schemes and regional contacts, as well as general security advice and is to be used in conjunction with standard nautical charts and publications.

The new version of this chart has been produced with the cooperation of both private industry and ‘Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia’, presented here in chart format through the ADMIRATLY product range by the Royal Navy.

The UKMTO ‘Voluntary Reporting Area’ now mimics the previous ‘High Risk’ area, and on the main panel shallow water blue has been removed to make clearer the extent of the VRA. There are several other addition and changes to the chart, such as updated contact details for the authoritative reporting agencies, making the chart a must have for transit of this area.

On 1st December 2015, the limits of the High Risk Area (HRA) within the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operation (UKMTO) Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA), shown on Maritime Security Chart Q6099 were amended.

The revised limits are:

  • In the Red Sea: Latitude 15° N
  • In the Gulf of Oman: Latitude 22° N
  • Eastern limit: Longitude 65° E
  • Southern limit: Latitude 5° S

The UKMTO VRA limits are unchanged but the HRA has been substantially reduced in size.

Ships entering the VRA are strongly encouraged to liaise with the UKMTO to ensure that military assets are expecting the ship, also prior to entering the HRA, Register Vessel Movement with Maritime Security Centre for the Horn of Africa (MSC-HOA).

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Source: UKHO

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  1. Thanks for posting ! It would be interesting to know whether London or major underwriters recognize this chart by way of revising extra premium covers ..? The security aspect is the most important one, surely,.. but if this chart is a reflection of current piracy situation then the impact on commercial (during depressed markets) operations is also significant.