NEW: Guide for Tankers Against Piracy and Armed Robbery Involving Oil Cargo Theft


ReCAAP ISC, in collaboration with the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) and the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) has produced a guide for tankers operating in Asian waters to combat oil cargo theft.

The aim of this guide is to illustrate the threat of piracy and armed robbery against ships (hereafter referred to as ‘sea robbery’) in Asia, particularly incidents involving oil cargo theft; and to assist ships to avoid, deter or delay such incidents; as well as post-incident management.

This continued occurence of oil cargo theft incidents warrants the need to produce a “Guide for Tankers Operating in Asia against Piracy and Armed Robbery Involving Oil Cargo Theft”. The definition of ‘piracy’ (in accordance with UNCLOS)
and ‘armed robbery against ships’ (in accordance with IMO) can be found in Annex A.

This guide serves as a prelude to a regional guide on piracy and armed robbery against ships which will be published in due course. The regional guide will take into consideration the occurrence of incidents involving all types of ship while underway and at ports and anchorages in Asian waters. That being said, until the publication of the planned regional guide, it is noted that some if not all of the recommendations made in this Guide can potentially be applicable to other types of ships.

Click on below image to download full document.


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