Infographic: How Ocean Pollution affects Humans

Oceans are an important part of our lives. Truth be told, they are needed in our lives just as much as the land, because together they create this ecosystem that has made life on this planet possible. For us to live and survive on our beautiful blue planet, we need to do everything in our power to keep our planet safe. But, are we doing everything we can? Because of the fact we can’t see the pollution in our oceans we don’t pay as much attention to these problems as we should. Most of the people aren’t even aware of how serious the problem of ocean pollution is. For example, you surely didn’t know that only in 2010 215 million metric tons of plastic have ended up in the ocean. Even though we can’t personally see how ocean pollution is affecting humans, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just check out this interesting infographic and you’ll get all the answers you need.Ocean pollution affects humans



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