China: Inland waters prohibited discharges announced, as of 1st May 2016



china 11China MSAThe Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) issued a news release stating that, with effect from 1 May, discharges into the Chinese inland waters of noxious liquid substances and residue (including ballast water, washwater, etc. containing same); incinerator waste; oil spill dispersants; ship garbage; and ship building and repairing waste are prohibited.

More specifically, the Chinese MSA news release states:

The report from Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China that the newly revised Provisions on the Prevention and Control of Vessel Pollution of the Inland Water Environment was announced recently and would come into force on May 1st 2016.

The new Provisions further improved the standards and requirements on the prevention of the inland water environment of the ships and their working activities. There are five prohibited discharge requirements:

1. Prohibiting the ships to discharge noxious liquid substances and its residue or the ballast water , washwater or other mixture including the above substances;

2. Prohibiting from using the incinerator;

3. Prohibiting from using the oil spill dispersant;

4. Prohibiting from discharging the ship garbage;

5. cleaning the pollutant from ship building and repairing on water or in the operation process timely and prohibiting from jettisoning into water.

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China MSA

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  1. Interesting this says all inland discharges of ballast water prohibited in China, sad in the United States, the Great Lakes are still subject to ballast water dumping, maybe the Chinese care more about health than our American politicians.