New Guidance for Reducing Port State Detentions unveiled by ABS


American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), has released an enhanced version of its Guidance for Reducing Port State Control Detention. The new Guidance provides the most updated information for maintaining compliance with current Port State Control laws in a mobile-friendly and interactive format.

“ABS clients look to us to provide the most current information and advice regarding Port State Control interventions and detentions,” says ABS Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tony Nassif. “Using data gathered from the ABS-classed fleet, we developed an interactive format for pre-port arrivals to aid in minimizing the potential for detentions at both the company and deck plate level.”

The ABS guide is divided into major vessel areas, which makes it possible to clearly identify subjects of concern that are regularly identified in Port State Control inspections. The intent is for the guide to be used in conjunction with the normal pre-port arrival and departure checks required by international regulations and in conjunction with onboard routine maintenance programs.

“Our goal is to provide an easy reference point that reflects the global and regional trends we see across our fleet,” says Vice President and Chief Surveyor Joseph Riva. “The guidance identifies particular items to evaluate prior to arrival into port, enabling crews to address vessel performance prior to inspection – right at their fingertips.”

The mobile-friendly, interactive guidance is available on the ABS website along with other useful information related to flag states and port state control as well as the latest regulatory updates.

Click the image below to download the full document.

ABS PSC guidance 1


Source: ABS

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