Infographic: ATHOS 1 oil spill in Delaware River

On the 26 Nov. 2004, there was an oil spill that you’ve probably never heard of.

Just outside of Philadelphia on November 26, 2004, an oil tanker called the Athos I unknowingly ripped its hull on an 18,000 pound anchor hidden on the river bottom. This released more than 263,000 gallons of heavy oil into an industrialized stretch of the Delaware River.

Take a quick look at the aftermath of this little-known oil spill, which ultimately fostered several significant changes to address future oil spill accidents across USA.





2 thoughts on “Infographic: ATHOS 1 oil spill in Delaware River

  1. I was working for Noble Denton in Houston Texas at the time as President of Martech a tanker inspection company. I knew the Athos 1 she was a double side single bottom tanker. I belief she was berth at Paulsboro terminal in the Delaware when the incident occurred. I was elected to be an expert witness, however as the enquiry was in Philadelphia and I was in Houston and fully occupied with my company I handed the case over to Capt. Andy Brooking in our UK office.

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  2. That time I was the head of marine accidents investigation division of the Cyprus Maritime administration.The crew reaction was of utmost speed and assisted to eliminate further pollution.It was also a very good example of close cooperation between all interested parties.


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