Cyprus Maritime Academy moves forward with Board of Governors

The Maritime Academy Cyprus Board of Governors, has appointed Capt. Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the ÖL Shipping Group as its Chairman and Capt. Prabhat Jha, Managing Director of MSC, Cyprus as Vice Chairman.

The Maritime Academy Cyprus is a milestone in the roadmap of Cyprus towards achieving the goal of addressing a potential impending shortage of qualified labour onboard Cy-Region flagged ships.

The Academy has committed itself in bridging a gap between education, science and industry and will serve as a bridge amongst the EU, Middle East and regional cooperation by offering specialised academic degrees, specialised certificates in Nautical Science, Marine Engineering and Marine Electro-engineering, security courses in accordance with STCW, safety for the hydrocarbons industry (OPITO),  cook courses for vessels, port management, as well as, possibilities for research and innovation in shipping being deemed of great importance by the EU and within the Mediterranean region.



2 thoughts on “Cyprus Maritime Academy moves forward with Board of Governors

    • Dear Mr Fahy,
      More information will become available in the near future, as courses syllabus are being prepared as we speak.


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