TokyoMOU: Launch of Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Cargo Securing Arrangements (Checklist).

New clarification added from DNVGL:



Maritime Cyprus

The Member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU with other co-operating MOUs will carry-out a concentrated inspection campaign on Cargo Securing Arrangements on the 1st September 2016 through the 30th November 2016.

The purpose or goal of this year’s CIC is to gain knowledge on the compliance of ships with applicable Cargo Securing requirements and the overall safety of ships and seafarers engaged in cargo securing operations.

The objectives of the Tokyo MOU member states in the performance the CIC are to:

  • measure compliance with the requirements of the applicable international conventions;
  • ensure that the Master, Officers, and Crew are familiar with procedures for cargo securing arrangements; and,
  • raise awareness of the hazards associated with cargo securing and with safe practices for cargo securing.


During the period of the CIC, member authorities of the Tokyo MOU will inspect cargo securing arrangements during the normal port state control inspections. Port State Control actions associated with this campaign may range from the issuing of deficiencies…

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One thought on “TokyoMOU: Launch of Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Cargo Securing Arrangements (Checklist).

  1. The concept is excellent?
    However, how many man hours are required to ensure cargo is secured correctly and are the man hours available?
    And who is going to carry out the inspections?

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