Ship Stowaways: Guidance and Checklists

Ship Stowaways: Guidance and Checklists.

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sTOWAWAYSThe UK P&I Club as well as North Of England P&I club have issued stowaways checklist to provide guidance and steps for preventing and dealing with stowaways.

According to the UK P&I club checklist, the following steps are recommended:

  • Prior to and during a ship’s call at any port, it will be necessary to ensure all relevant sections of the ISPS Code are implemented particularly regarding the ship’s gangway and dock areas. All access points should be secured.
  • Ensure there is always a member of the ship’s crew manning the gangway who is closely monitoring all persons embarking and disembarking. Additional precautions such as CCTV should also be used where available.
  • On ro-ro vessels the ramp should be monitored at all times and any access points on deck should be locked so that the vessel cannot be penetrated.
  • Agents should obtain and provide the ship with a list from the stevedore…

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One thought on “Ship Stowaways: Guidance and Checklists

  1. Where exactly are the personnel to implement these concepts coming from?
    Vessels are now have minimum crew, which in an effort to reduce cost is usually below design levels?
    Hence, on roll on roll off vessels it is comparatively ease to stow away in a vehicle.
    Most vessels do not have surplus crew to ensure who is coming or going on or off the vessel.
    Hence, this appears to be another exercise to be implement with no labor to carry out the work required.

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