Maersk Drilling Rig Breaks Major Record


A Maersk Drilling rig just beat the record for the deepest well ever drilled on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS)The MAERSK GALLANT drilled the ultra HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) Solaris field, at a total depth of 5,941 metres (19,491 feet), the company announced in a statement.

Maersk Gallant

“We have broken a number of records during the Solaris operation. But this achievement is second to none. There was a lot of cheering in the driller’s cabin that day,”

MAERSK GALLANT Assistant Rig Manager Sadi Ozturk, said. “The Solaris exploration well is one of the most challenging wells in the North Sea. All crew members are very excited about this achievement,” he added.Maersk Drilling has taken a 15,000 psi rig and adapted the equipment and procedures to drill a reservoir section with expected pore pressures well in excess of 15,000 psi, the company explained.

The Solaris project was undertaken by Maersk Drilling and customer Total E&P Norge, whose demanding requirements involved a series of modifications on the drilling rig. “Given the extreme circumstances, the rig team on MAERSK GALLANT has set several records during the operation,” the company explained.These include: the largest and most complicated BOP stack rig up; the biggest cement job and the heaviest casing run; the first time a 20k BOP has been installed and used to drill an ultra HPHT well

“At the moment, the crew members on Maersk Gallant are in the process of plugging and abandoning the well and expect to commence the rig move in the beginning of September,” the company informed further.

The MAERSK GALLANT is a ultra-harsh environment jack-up drilling rig designed for year-round operations in the North Sea. It has been designed to work at water depths up to 120 metres (394 feet) with an available leg length below hull of 138.5 metres (454 feet). The drilling rig has been working in the North Sea since its commissioning in 1993.


Source: Maersk Drilling

Maersk Drilling


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