Harmony of the Seas death: One person killed and four injured after Lifeboat accident on world's biggest cruise liner


A Harmony of the Seas crew member has died and four others have been injured after a lifeboat fell off the world’s biggest cruise ship.

The record-breaking ship, which is operated by Royal Caribbean, is docked in the French port of Marseilles.

One person is dead and four are injured, including two whose lives are in danger," a spokesman for the fire service told the AFP news agency.

Five crew were onboard the lifeboat taking part in a safety drill when it "became detached" from the ship.

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean said in a statement: "We are sorry to share the sad news that a crew member aboard Harmony of the Seas has died of injuries suffered during a lifeboat drill conducted while docked at the port of Marseilles, France.

"Four other crew members received medical treatment in the same incident. We are keeping our colleagues and their families in our thoughts and prayers."

The liner only had its maiden voyage on 29 May.

Built by shipbuilders STX France, it is the widest ever cruise ship at a maximum of 66m across and is 50m longer than the Eiffel Tower at 362m.

Using its 16 decks, it can carry more than 6,700 passengers and 2,300 crew.

Source: Independent

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  1. Have been sailing for 47 years and still do relief work from Australia.
    Whenever I happen to summon for a boat drill I am very cautious of the procedure.
    Most of them want to do it quickly as possible and done with.
    .Life boat gears are very reliable and the assigned deck and engineer officers should familiarise well ahead of the drill on a routine check.
    At present Companies have reduced the crew and allocated time for maintenance, done in a hurry and this should be eye opener for a proper compliment employed without cutting corners to save dollars.
    I am very sad and my prayers are with the loss and the injured.

  2. This things not one but so many times already happen but until now we have not learn to our mistakes and always we look for commercial aspect and cut corners for cost cutting.

  3. The vessel is very new and lifeboats equipment should be very thoroughly inspected by people with good knowledge before launching. The drills are very important, but more important to be really ready technically for drills...

  4. I just posted a comment on Linkedin, I share it here too.
    Calamity strikes are many in Shipping. Can you imagine the very thing life boat is for saving your life and that creates an accident. Many times its importance is spelled out in very clear words and still people do not learn to maintain and take care of such an important item on board.
    In my life related to shipping for the past 40 odd years I am horrified to keep hearing such accidents and incidents.
    Check them even if you are sure they are 100% working. There could still be something missing.
    Safe shipping and safety for life.
    J K M Nair, Director CEO Training $solutions International. reach me by just googling my name.

  5. My prayers for the crew that did take part of this drill to make sure the safety of all onboard Is 100% assured. I am an expatriate who believes in safety drills, I was also to do a boat and raft commander resposibilities and true, when this is conducted religiously, it is beneficial to the lives of everyone on board.