Is your vessel in compliance with the new regulations of the Panama Canal?


The Panama Canal can now accommodate vessels up to 366m LOA and 49m beam and to 13000 TEU. For this new Neo Panamax class to transit through the third set of locks, they require upgrades to their deck equipment to comply with the new regulations.

Upgraded Deck Equipment now required. Requirements state:

All chocks for the Panamax Plus and Neo Panamax vessels shall be double chocks and shall have a throat opening area of nothing less than 900cm² and shall be capable of withstanding a SWL of 90t in towing operations and a min SWL of 64t in mooring operations from any direction. Neo Panamax and Panamax Plus vessels shall have additional tugboat chocks fitted in the bow and stern approx. 3m-14m off centreline, port and starboard sides. Each double chock shall be served by one pair of accompanying heavy bollards with a preferred diameter of 500mm and capable of withstanding the stress of SWL of 90t.

Click on below images for available dimensions of each item.

Deck Chock
Bulwark Chock
Double Chock

UMAR | WSR in cooperation with Fendercare Marine can provide all the required chocks, bollards and rollers to comply with the higher level of safe working loads specified by the Canal Authority, all to ISO Standard and thus not requiring specific Class certification or lengthy Design Approval process for any vessels that wish to use the canal in the future.



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