Loss Prevention: Sea Transportation of Ammonium Nitrate Based Fertilizers


This guidance describes safety practices recommended for sea transport (ship loading, transportation and discharging) of ammonium nitrate (AN) based fertilizers.

Note: This sheet is for advice only and shippers and masters must consult the IMDG Code whenever shipping or carrying Ammonium Nitrate or any other class of dangerous goods. All persons involved in the transport of packaged dangerous goods intended to be transported by sea require mandatory training in accordance with 1.3 of the IMDG Code.

IMO IMDG Code 2016 Edition: Amendment 37-14 is effective January 1, 2015 and becomes mandatory on January 1, 2016.

References to Rules/Regulations should be understood / assumed referencing latest issue.


See also guidance from the Australian Maritime Safety Agency, by clicking the below image:





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