Loss Prevention: Cargo Stowage and Securing Guide

cargo stowage guide

(www.MaritimeCyprus.com) The proper, adequate and satisfactory stowage and securing of items of cargo are of the utmost importance for the safety of the crew, the carrying ship, and the items of cargo themselves. If items of cargo are not stowed and secured in a proper manner, bearing in mind the intended voyage and the time of year, those items of cargo might shift from their stowage position, and damage might be sustained by the item of cargo or the ship, or ship’s staff might suffer injury.

This guide will take the reader through some basic rules to be remembered on every occasion during the loading and securing of cargo, will describe where regulations, recommendations and general guidance can be found, will describe recommended methods to be used for particular items and types of cargo, and will then give some guidance upon the points to be remembered during passage-planning and the voyage itself.


It is not intended that this guide will give details of precisely how to secure any particular items of cargo. It will set out the basics and point to publications that give the rules to be followed. This guide does contain information, such as for the calculation of lashings, taken from codes, but only that which is essential for the.html clear understanding of the text.

This publication is intended for general guidance only to assist in the avoidance of disputes and problems arising from inadequate or incorrect stowage and securing of items of cargo on cargo ships. Readers should take care to ensure that the recommendations contained in this publication are appropriate for a particular situation before implementing them.

The latest eddition of the CODE OF SAFE PRACTICE FOR CARGO STOWAGE AND SECURING, should always be reviewed and complied with.

Read Also: Rules and Regulations: Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing (CSS Code) for Container Vessels and Other Vessels Equipped for Carriage of Containers


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Source: NEPIA


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