Europe’s largest aircraft carrier docks in Limassol port

Limassol port has been host to the French aircraft carrier, Chares De Gaulle, the largest in Europe since Sunday morning.

This is the second time the carrier under the command of Captain Eric Malbrunot has docked in Limassol, the first being in 2010.

The ship is one of two nuclear propelled aircraft carriers in the French navy, and carries 24 Rafale fighter jets, two Hawkeye tactical airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft, an Atlantique 2 reconnaissance plane and four helicopters.

The ship sailed from Toulouse in France on September 20 and is currently taking part in Operation Inherent Resolve against the Islamic State.

The carrier is set to remain in Limassol for a few days to give its 2,000 member crew a much-needed break from their mission.

charles-de-gaulle-2 charles-de-gaulle-3

2 thoughts on “Europe’s largest aircraft carrier docks in Limassol port

  1. My congratulations to all the professionals that serve the French aircraft carrier both at 2010 and now to make the Captain to say those lovely words which they honor the people involved, our Government and us as Cypriots. France is one of our best allies and the armed forces of France they deserve every welcoming and assistance we can give within our power.

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