Limassol port gets a new gem passenger terminal


( A modern architectural gem now decorates the port of Limassol. A building unique, with high aesthetics and ergonomically thought - operation will soon open its doors.

The new Passenger Hall completed in September 2016, has an area of 10.000 sq.m and construction cost of EUR 13.5 million. It consists of seven shells, which, like huge portholes, are framing the view of anchored cruise ships and harbour.

The numbering of the shells and the transition from one shell to the next via the connecting areas, whose topography and alternation of light colors to dark tones, signal the exit from a shell and entrance to another, offer ongoing guidance to the visitor.

The shells 01, 02 and 03 house the Arrival halls, customs, immigration and police departments. The shell 04 on the ground floor serves as the luggage collection for transport area, while the first floor houses a restaurant which is open to the public, all year round. In the restaurant's top floor there is a skybar with uninterrupted panoramic views of the city of Limassol, the port and the Mediterranean.

The shell 05 houses the Arrival hall and includes a cafeteria, Travel Agent offices and information office. The shells 06 and 07 house the Departure halls, immigration department, as well as a café and several shops.






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