Infographic: The 3 biggest threats to Global Fisheries


Climate change, pollution, and overfishing are all taking a heavy toll on our fisheries and our planet. Climate changes influence everything from droughts and floods to marine life and ocean currents. Pollution has destroyed entire aquatic habitats and left us with giant patches of floating debris all over our oceans. Overfishing leaves us with destroyed ecosystems, nutrient-lacking species, and a lack of biodiversity in our very sophisticated food web.



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  1. The huge quantity of plastic presently in the oceans that ultimately breaks down and is eaten by fish, mammals as well as birds will ultimately bring mankind to to point of destruction. These are plastics that then get into the food chain i.e. us! Apart from stopping the use of expanded polystyrene we also need to totally stop the use of single use plastic bags. There are also many other plastic raw maw materials that . need to be controlled to eliminate their escape into the environment..
    All countries need to build special hoovering vessels to clean up the oceans. Lots of vessels are now required just for this purpose. For too long our oceans and waterways have been treated like a rubbish dump!
    It was estimated that soon the total wight of plastics in the oceans will exceed the weigh of fish! Not wure how that was calculated but its a wake up call