UK – seafarer statistics 2016


The UK Department for Transport (DfT) posted the Seafarer statistics 2016. During the year, there were an estimated 23,060 active UK seafarers, of whom 10,650 were certificated officers.


There were 10,650 certificated UK officers active at sea in 2016, and a further 1,670 uncertificated UK officers active at sea in 2016. The number of UK ratings increased by 1 per cent to 8,880 compared to 2015.

There were 1,860 officer cadets in training in the financial year 2015/16, a decrease of 3 per cent on 2014/15. Of which, the number of new entrants under the SMarT1 scheme was 750, a decrease of 9 per cent on 2014/15.

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Source: UK Department of TransportDepartment for transport


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