MRV UPDATE - EMSA THETIS MRV - CO2 emissions reporting system is up and running


(Join our newsfeed at The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) issued a press release stating that a monitoring, reporting, and verification system has been launched to help reduce CO2 emissions from shipping at the EU level. THETIS-MRV will enable companies responsible for the operation of large ships using EU ports to report their CO2 emissions, as required by law from 1 January 2018.

THETIS-MRV includes a mandatory and a voluntary module: through the mandatory module, companies will generate Emission Reports which will then be assessed by Verifiers who will issue a Document of Compliance in system; through the voluntary module, companies may draft their monitoring plans and the system will make them available for verifier’ assessment.

The system is available from 7 August 2017 and can be reached at

For supporting end-users setting up their accounts and performing the most relevant tasks, please consult the set of video tutorials available by clicking below button:

Before companies can use THETIS-MRV to draft Monitoring Plans (MPs) and produce Emission Reports (ERs), there are a couple of configurations which have to be done in the following sequence:

  1. Apply for a registration as a company user
  2. Enter MRV company details
  3. If necessary, add additional users under the same Company account
  4. Define email notification as deemed appropriate
  5. Request a partnership to a Verifier
  6. Wait that the verifier accepts the request
  7. Add ship under the scope of the regulation
  8. Update missing mandatory ship particulars

From this moment onwards, users of the company can create MPs for each ship and later submit them to the Verifier for assessment. Users will also be able to enter CO2 emissions (by recording fuel consumption or direct monitoring) in view of generating Emission Reports following each reporting period.

In order to facilitate the understanding of the configuration process as well as the actual work of drafting and submitting MPs and ERs, please go through the list of THETIS-MRV video tutorials available below.

For additional support or suggestions, the Helpdesk team can be reached at

For general information from the EU, on the implementation of the MRV shipping Regulation, click here.

THETIS MRV- Voyage and in-Port reporting under EU MRV Regulation.

THETIS MRV Infographic (click below image to enlarge):

Source: EMSA

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