Infographic - The Largest Naval Sea Battles in Military History


( Of the thousands of naval battles taking place on the seas across the world, seven stand out as the largest and most profound in history. From the Battle of Jutland to the Battle of the Red Cliffs, this infographic illustrates each battle in order from the number of soldiers involved, as well as air and sea support assets utilized in each battle. The Battle of the Red Cliffs ranks as the largest naval sea battle in history, with other 850,000 soldiers involved. Occurring in 208 A.D., the Battle of the Red Cliffs established itself as a classic David vs Goliath matchup. Norwich University’s Masters in Military History produced this infographic to shed some light on a part of history that is relatively unknown to the general public.

The naval battle of Salamis ranks as the most uneven in regards to naval assets (Persians: 1207 ships, Greeks: 371 ships) and the most impressive, as the Greeks won an impressive victory.



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