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NASA - New Study Finds Sea Level Rise Accelerating



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  1. Sea levels rising – NOT happening FAKE news.

    Open this link and a map will appear with numerous multi colored arrows. Click on an arrow and the data for that location will appear, e.g. Miami. In the pop up window select “linear trend”.

    2.39 mm/y, that’s 0.094” 3/32 of an INCH each year!!!! OOOOHHHHH SCARY!!!!

    Which is NOT actually measured but computer MODELLED!!!!

    0.78 ft over 100 YEARS or a WHOPPING 9 inches!!!!

    Alarmists pushing the dangers of sea level rise are nothing but a pack of lying weasels!!!

  2. Dear Sir,
    9 inches sea level rise might seem to you rather small, but for certain countries it will mean extinction because it will render them underwater. Netherlands already have a huge problem keeping the sea out of the country. Belgium, Greece, Japan, Cyprus, China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines and many more countries face the same problem. Maldives will not exist by then. Other island nations will loose half their current land. Fiji, an early victim of the global trend, is facing a $4.5 billion bill over the next decade to keep ahead of the damage of rising sea levels. This number is equal to Fiji’s entire GDP. 650 million people live on land that will be submerged or exposed to chronic flooding, by 2100. If all these fail to make you worry then the comment regarding 2.39mm/year rising sea level is short sighted to say the least. In addition read this please:


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