Legal decisions and developments in Shipping – Ince & Co. January 2018


( The Shipping legal E-Brief is a regular publication providing you with key information on legal decisions and developments in shipping and related business areas provided by Ince & co.

Subjects covered:

  1. Serving notice of arbitration on agent: a fair conclusion on unusual facts
  2. Court of Appeal upholds liability without fault under the Inter-Club Agreement
  3. Due diligence: what is the standard expected of owners?
  4. Commencing arbitration effectively: is the recipient an employee with authority to accept service?
  5. Court dismisses appeal against tribunal’s findings of fact dressed up as appeal on law
  6. When is a guarantee an on demand bond?
  7. New corporate criminal offence of failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion
  8. Singapore Court of Appeal re-emphasizes pro-arbitration stance
  9. What will Brexit mean for the international shipping community choosing English law and jurisdiction?

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