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On behalf of Clean Shipping Index (CSI), Dromon Bureau of Shipping (DBS) can provide verification services for the environmental parameters emitted and produced from your fleet.  Data such as greenhouse gases, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, chemicals and wastes harmful to the marine environment are enter to the index and can verified by the Society.

What is Clean Shipping Index (CSI)

The Clean Shipping Index (CSI) is a cost effective and simple to use application which allows members to assess and lower their environmental impact from maritime transportation.  The information is collected in the Clean Shipping Index Database that members of the Clean Shipping Network have access and reward good environmental performance with economic incentives.  The members of the Clean Shipping Network aim to contribute to the environmental development of the maritime industry.

For more information visit CSI website:  https://cleanshippingindex.com/

What are the benefits for your vessel and company?

  • Differentiated port fees -– The Ports listed below use the CSI as a tool for differentiating port fees:
  1.   Port of Gothenburg
  2. Port of Vancouver
  3. Port of Prince Rupert
  4. Port of Gävle
  5. PetroPort
  • Differentiated fairway dues in Sweden - The price list from the he Swedish Maritime Administration is available in regulation 2016:27 at sjofartsverket.se
  • Access to the CSI database with more than 2200 vessels
  • Free participation on network meetings held 1-2 times per year
  • Support from CSI Management Team & Technical Committee
  • Possibility to steer the development of the CSI organization
  • Suggestions on investments for achieving a higher CSI class
  • Identifying additional points in terms of “low hanging fruit”
  • Support with calculating ROI based on savings on Swedish fairway dues
  • Analysis of ships’ environmental performance vs best available technologies & international regulations
  • Potentially lower interest rate for newbuildings with CSI as a practical risk management tool

For more information about specific benefits for vessels with certified CSI class and members of CSI, read the presentation "Clean Shipping Index Benefits" here.

How does it work?

The CSI tool consists of a questionnaire with 25 basic questions on environmental performance of ships.  They all go beyond existing rules and regulations and cover existing ships of different types.  You can fill in vessel specific data of environmental parameters through an online questionnaire which is accessible via www.cleanshippingindex.com.  You can obtain a CSI account by contacting the CSI Secretariat through info@cleanshippingindex.com.

The CSI questionnaire covers general information about the participating shipping company and its vessel specific data.

Why Dromon?

Dromon is a worldwide Organization that provide on-time and independent verification services to the maritime industry.  The Organization was among the first companies accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) under the ISO 14065 and can provide worldwide services related to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport (known as the EU-MRV Regulation).  In addition, Dromon as a Recognized Organization (RO) provides services for the upcoming IMO Data Collection System on behalf of various flag State Administrations.

For further information on Dromon Verification Services please contact through mrv@dromon.com

This year Dromon celebrates 15 years since its establishment.  Visit Dromon designated website: www.dromon.com/15yearsdromon/




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