AMSA - Supporting Seafarer mental health


( Good mental health is important for both personal wellbeing and work performance. However, the mental health among seafarers has become an area of increased concern. Reports of mental health issues at sea have become commonplace, and data indicates that seafaring is an occupation with increased risk of suicide.

Social isolation, long working hours, commercial and regulatory pressures are some factors that may contribute to seafarers’ poor mental health.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) discusses in the below Bulletin, possible risk factors and findings from some of the most current studies on seafarers’ mental health — including suggestions on how to support good mental health at sea.

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Source: Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)



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  1. While I happily welcome the steps taken for keeping the health of seafarers, a lot is still missing with them. I am ashamed to see large no of accidents continuously happening. Even after drilling and grilling the personal safety to them, they continue to keep doing mistakes and endangering the safety of every one and everything
    Time to keep the eyes open and that depends on the seafarers themselves.
    Safer sailing.......J K M Nair, CEO and Director of Training Solutions International,