Shipping’s improving fundamentals helps Cyprus move to become a maritime hub


( When industry fundamentals are moving in the right direction it makes life easier for any manager or company to get the strategy right and grow and expand.  That is the case with Cyprus who are pushing hard to become a modern and dynamic hub for shipowners, operators, managers and financiers in the eastern Mediterranean.  With a new Deputy Minister of Shipping demonstrating government support and three Cypriot banks actively growing their shipping portfolios, the timing could hardly be better with economic growth across the globe spurring shipping demand, and some discipline in vessel ordering over the past two years curtailing, to a degree at least, shipping supply.

The new Deputy Minister for Shipping will open the 2nd Marine Money Cyprus Forum on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol and will be followed by a keynote address from the Chairwoman of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and the CEO of Hellenic Bank.

In true Marine Money style, the agenda will focus on finance to the industry and investment opportunities and our speakers and presenters will cover economic and market outlooks and topics including:

  • The vision for the Cypriot maritime industry
  • Traditional ship finance and the Cyprus contribution
  • Leasing from the East and Finance from the west
  • Future trends in shipping operations, finance and investment
  • Less ordering and steady demand has led to better market fundamentals
  • Where to invest?

Further information about the Marine Money Cyprus Forum 2018 is at  or contact  Mia Jensen, Tel: (+30) 697 22 100 69  E-mail:


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