Intertanko - Gap analysis and mapping of Vessel Inspection Questionnaire edition 7 against edition 6


( Since the launch of the seventh edition of the Vessel Inspection Questionnaires for Oil Tankers, Combination Carriers, Shuttle Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Gas Tankers, INTERTANKO has been developing a gap analysis and mapping document for use by the tanker industry.

OCIMF has stated that this edition has undergone an extensive revision process which has brought the VIQ up to date with respect to changes in legislation and best practices. OCIMF examined the questions in the existing edition of the VIQ (VIQ6) to determine whether these continue to remain relevant and has reduced the overall set of questions by up to 90 questions. Notably a new chapter (Chapter 7) has been developed to cover Maritime Security which has 21 new questions covering Policies and Procedures, Equipment and Cyber Security and the section on Mooring (Chapter 9) has been significantly reviewed to incorporate the revisions and best practices that will be introduced in the Mooring Equipment Guidelines, Fourth Edition (MEG4).

This seventh edition of the VIQ (VIQ7) is freely available to download by clicking the link below, and will come into effect on Monday 17 September 2018.

• Download a copy of the SIRE VIQ7 here

The gap analysis has been arranged so that new question text is highlighted in red. The gap column shows what the difference is between the old and new questions. A column highlights whether there is a crew competence requirement. The mapping column shows the origin of the question.

You can view the Gap analysis document by clicking on below image.



Source: Intertanko



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