European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Facts and Figures 2017


( The EMSA Facts and Figures 2017 publication is a shortened account of the Consolidated Annual Activity Report which details how EMSA has implemented the annual tasks set out in the work programme contained in the Agency’s Single Programming Document (2017-2019).

EMSA’s priorities are shaped by several guiding documents, including the founding Regulation (EC) No 1406/2002 as amended, EMSA’s fiveyear strategy, the European Commission’s Communication on the programming of human and financial resources for decentralized agencies 2014-2020, and, finally, on Regulation (EU) No 911/2014 on the multiannual funding for action in the field of response to pollution caused by ships and oil and gas installations.

The EMSA level of performance is linked to the strong relationship they cultivate with their partners: the European Commission, European Fisheries Control Agency, European Space Agency, Frontex, Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre for Narcotics and EU Navfor, as well as each EU member country, Iceland, Norway, the Paris MoU countries, and the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea under the European Neighourhood Policy.

We hope that, through this overview, our readers will see EMSA’s wide-ranging and multi-faceted role in the maritime domain as well as our commitment to providing valuable, targeted services that draw on a broad base of shared knowledge and experience.

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Source: EMSA

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