Legal decisions and developments in Shipping – Ince & Co. October 2017


( The Shipping legal E-Brief is a regular publication providing you with key information on legal decisions and developments in shipping and related business areas provided by Ince & co.

Subjects covered in this issue:

  1. Court concludes delivery made in accordance with terms of LOIs
  2. Deviation and the right to rely on contractual time bars
  3. Beat the clock! Practical considerations in dealing with last minute claims
  4. Hague Rules time limit applies to misdelivery claims
  5. Financing bank liable for demurrage as intermediate holder of bills of lading
  6. What constitutes a “similar amendment” under the Interclub Agreement?
  7. Court finds different charterparty arbitration provisions did not conflict
  8. The Seatrade verdict: has scrapping just got a lot more onerous?
  9. Court of Appeal confirms: privilege rules!
  10. Singapore Court agrees: make up your mind when choosing law and jurisdiction

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Source: Ince & Co. 

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