New guidance for situations involving missing seafarers


(www.MaritimeCyprus.comNew guidance on dealing with situations involving missing seafarers has been launched for the benefit of shipping companies and manning agents.

The new Good Practice Guide for Shipping Companies & Manning Agents working with situations involving missing seafarers has been produced by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and InterManager.

The guidance covers managing relationships onboard, actions that should be taken, and managing relationships with the families of seafarers who have gone missing. It includes details of recommended procedures to follow, templates and scripts for communicating with families, and further resources including contact details for reporting incidents of missing seafarers.

The guide expands upon ISWAN’s previous publication, Good Practice Guide for Shipping Companies and Manning Agents: Humanitarian support of seafarers and their families in cases of armed robbery and piracy attack, covers a broader range of issues where seafarers may be missing.

Roger Harris, Executive Director of ISWAN, said: ‘We are pleased to work on this valuable guide with the ICS and InterManager. When seafarers are tragically lost at sea it is vitally important for their families and loved ones to be supported by companies and manning agencies. The guide provides practical steps for those involved in these difficult situations.’

Guy Platten, Secretary General of the ICS, explained: ‘The challenges faced by both the families of missing seafarers and their colleagues can be immense and distressing. I therefore welcome the publication of this document to give practical guidance to Shipping Companies and Manning Agents in handling such situations.’

Captain Kuba Szymanski, Secretary General of InterManager, said: ‘I am pleased to be able to support our seafarers by providing this essential Good Practice Guide to all relevant stake holders in our industry. If a seafarer goes missing it is an extremely serious scenario and we must provide professional support to our crew and their loved ones. I hope that the advice provided in this guide will help shipping companies to prepare proper procedures for such an incidence – which, of course, I hope they will never have to use.’

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Source: ISWAN


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