Safebridge launches myCert, the first digital solution for maritime certification

myCert – the first digital solution for maritime certificates

( Safebridge launches myCert, the first digital solution for maritime certification Safebridge marks an absolute premiere in the maritime industry with the launch of the new product line „myCert”, an innovative digital ecosystem which integrates three solutions, providing a complete end-user experience for maritime companies and seafarers alike.

myCert is the result of a perfect blend of innovation, maritime knowledge and forward thinking - main characteristics of Safebridge`s philosophy since the company’s launch. This is a digital platform which acts as a veritable digital ecosystem for all maritime certificates, connecting three main „players” in this field: the companies who issue certificates, the seafarers who hold and need those certificates in their everyday activity and the verifiers, who can be virtually anyone wishing to verify the validity of the certificates.

With a new and fresh approach, myCert comes as a solution for professional users or businesses in order to better manage the life cycle of their certificates by having complete control over them from a single platform, totally secured and available 24/7.

“We saw Safebridge’s myCert in action at INTERTANKO’s Seafarers’ Vetting Seminar, in the Philippines. Over 1,000 seafarers were in attendance and the system worked flawlessly. The system ensured that all delegates received their certificate of attendance in a very efficient, fuss-free and timely manner”-, states Dr. Phil Belcher, Marine Director, of INTERTANKO.

Key benefits of myCert include:

  •  automation of the certification process
  • reduction of operational costs
  • complete control over all maritime certificates from one single platform
  • increased trust levels of a certificate (authenticity)

In providing digital solutions for issuers, holders and verifiers, myCert makes the maritime certificate process more efficient and reliable. This means that all energy is channelled in expanding your business or your professional background.

Benefits of the ecosystem offer more control:

  • a direct link between issuers and holders translates into a larger degree of control with all documents/certificates involved;
  • less errors because in this unique ecosystem an error can be easily corrected without all paperwork involved and without disturbing the flux of documents;
  • better communication – the communication between an issuer and a seafarer has the advantage of a clearer and swifter response;
  • greater efficiency due to the fact that it makes every entity involved more efficient, from a business point of view to a professional one and consequently all players involved can focus on the development and success of their business.

Going from paper to digital, myCert takes the maritime industry one step closer towards a greener future, thus contributing to the protection of the environment. At the same time, it brings together all involved in the maritime certification process in a fast, reliable and secure way.

“CIRM Members are always at the forefront of technology development in our worldwide maritime industry. New methods to contribute to safety and security are vital and so CIRM welcomes progressive innovation to help combat further erosion of the environment”-, says Frances Baskerville, Secretary-General of CIRM.

In the near future, Safebridge also plans to introduce an additional module for myCert, namely the “organiser”. This will allow companies to have a single point application in order to gather, organise and verify the certificates of all their ships and seafarers. The module will allow the company to set up notifications and other useful functions, which will be easily integrated with their internal applications.

“In this rapid era of technology, we need to use digitalisation in the midst of our businesses more and more often to achieve the best results. It is precisely from this motif that Safebridge has created and designed myCert, thus expanding the horizons of the maritime certificate industry to a point it has never reached before”-, states Capt. Ralph Becker - Heins, CEO Managing Director of Safebridge.

About Safebridge
Established as one of the leaders in the maritime industry, Safebridge is a German based company that offers the whole chain of digital human resource competence management. Safebridge provides online, generic and type-specific training, promotion and assessment for seafarers, professionals and individuals in order to improve their skills and get certified. Following the strictest industry standards, policies and legal regulations, the company always ensures the highest quality of its products.

myCert – the first digital solution for maritime certificates

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