Malta – Maritime investigation report of MV EUGENIA B, fatal fall inside cargo hold


( Transport Malta issued the report of its investigation of the fatal fall of a stevedore inside a cargo hold on the freighter Eugenia B in Iskenderun on 30 November 2017. The immediate cause of the accident was the failure of a corroded cargo hold access cover while the stevedore was descending the cargo hold.

The accident happened in cargo hold no. 2, which is fitted between frames 143 and 179. Access to the cargo hold is down a combination of vertical and spiral ladders fitted against the forward corrugated, transverse bulkhead3. The total height from the main deck down to the tanktop was 16m. The deceased stevedore was 33 years old at the time of the accident. As reported by his employers, he had 10 years of experience with various stevedore companies.

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Source: Transport Malta


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