Marine Money : Ship Financiers are in the market for suitable deals


( There is a large availability of shipping finance in terms of structure, capacity, pricing and terms.  Different finance providers have different requirements and generally there is finance in the market for most deals.

Clients big and small, with newer and older vessels, can find finance.  What changes is the pricing and the terms available.  That said, the markets are active with deals of all sorts and sizes and the availability of finance is diverse.

Financiers are in the market for suitable deals and lending against assets which are still well priced in what all hope is a rising market. Owners must juggle the pros and cons of each source of finance and determine “best fit” for the project and for the overall financial picture of the corporate.

Impacting all is the fuel debate and with only a few months to go from the 3rd Annual Marine Money Cyprus conference on 16 April 2019 in Limassol, there is some considerable debate about whether the industry is fully prepared for the potential disruption.

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