Legal decisions and developments in Shipping – Ince Gordon Dadds April 2019


The Shipping legal E-Brief is a regular publication providing you with key information on legal decisions and developments in shipping and related business areas provided by Ince Gordon Dadds.

Subjects covered in this issue:

  1. Court finds defective passage plan rendered vessel unseaworthy
  2. Court of Appeal finds carrier could rely on fire defense
  3. Court confirms BARECON classification obligation is absolute
  4. Four Island: a tale of two agreements and one arbitration clause
  5. Whether seizure of cargo by local customs authorities amounted to “government interference” under charterparty
  6. Court declines to extend rule precluding set-off against freight to freight forwarders
  7. Court upholds worldwide freezing order in sham charterparty dispute
  8. Documents obtained in criminal investigation disclosable in civil proceedings
  9. News & Events

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Source: Ince Gordon Dadds

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