SafeMetrix MET-3S Extends Soft Skills e-Assessment to All Officer Ranks


( SafeMetrix powered by Safebridge, announces the release of 2 new versions of its soft skills e-assessment MET-3S and now the product is available for all officer ranks. The new additions provide valid and reliable assessment of the soft skills of Operational and Management Level Engine Officers.

MET-3S - Rank-Specific Assessments of Soft Skills

SafeMetrix MET-3S was specifically developed to assess the soft skills of seafarers and ultimately, their competence in line with the modern-day environment.

One of the most significant challenges in measuring soft skills accurately is the varying requirement of skills for different positions on board. With more than 50,000 professional skills out there, the SafeMetrix team of experts conducted a thorough research and job analysis to isolate and define the most important skills that the different ranks of officers should possess in order to perform safely and effectively.

To further refine and validate the assessment accuracy, the SafeMetrix team partnered with a leading crew management company in the industry. Furthermore, each version of the assessment has been normed against a diverse population of seafarers within the same rank.

MET-3S allows you to assess your officers across three main skill clusters: coping under pressure, self-management and interpersonal skills. The resulting individual and company-level reports provide otherwise hard-to-obtain data that can be applied to the officers’ personal training and development as well as each company’s decision-making process associated with crew selection, retention, promotion and training.

Learn more about the SafeMetrix MET3S here.


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