Maritime resources: Offshore structures - Guidance for marking


( The visibility of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy installations depends on the device type as some installations are totally submerged while others may only protrude slightly above the sea surface.

The marking of offshore wave and tidal energy installations is based on recommendations of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA). The marking of offshore structures as defined in these recommendations may be considered as a minimum requirement to ensure the safety of navigation in the vicinity of the structures, however, National Authorities may require more stringent marking.

These recommendations are for the guidance and information of stakeholders such as National Authorities, Lighthouse Authorities, Aviation Authorities and other competent Authorities, Aids to Navigation providers, and the Contractors, Developers and Operators involved in each type of the structures mentioned in the following sections. They are further called National Authorities in this Recommendation.

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Source: IALA

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